Our Story

Pochampally silk saree manufacturing history goes back to 1970, when it was decided by some village headmen of Pochampally to weave silk along with cotton(cotton weaving was being done since very long back), to make a better living. They have sent two young weavers to learn the secrets of the art to Bangalore. This was the beginning of a revolutionary era in the Pochampally handloom industry, which led to the eventual dominance of the Indian tie&die patola Industry.

The genesis of the decision to enter into new realms of weaving(silk), can be attributed to a new era, in the history of POCHAMPALLY IKAT. Its merchandise is a handicraft on which about a thirty thousand families depend on traditionally. The industry is second only to agriculture.

Pochampally products are handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans who are endowed with critical skills in intricate designs, having decades of experience behind them in their respective fields. In certain cases these masterpieces can take upto one hundred and twenty days to take final shape, to the satisfaction of our craftsmen.

Our Services


Quality comes from the commitment, experience, attention to detail, and innovation. Our aim is to provide nothing less than the highest quality for our customers. It is a value in which we believe, and indeed one which we choose to survive with.


Honest & Clear. Its that simple here. As a business we can provide a very personal service. Without compromising integrity, we will maintain sufficient flexibility to allow us first to listen, then adapt to, and meet, the specific needs of our customers.


Our business policies and activities will be carried out in a manner :

  1. We must live and work ethically, choosing never to compromise our integrity in the name of profit;
  2. We must meet the needs of our customers in a professional and timely manner

Why to Buy pochampally ikkat sarees or choose ikkat designs?

Pochampally Ikkat Sarees are Designed with Tie Dye Technique for Better Experience. Unique Patterns with Bright and Bold Designs gives a Traditional Look. Even this Trend is Becoming Modern now a days.

The Special Technique of Tie Dye used in Pochampally Ikkat Sarees in simple made by folding or twisting the Fabric with Rubber materials and add colours required. Then wash and dry to get special visual pattern of  designs. In India the Technique is also called as Bandhani.

This Tie dye technique is also Growing in many countries like Yemen, Indonesia, Japan, Uzbekistan etc… To obtain more colours and Patterns – Process goes more Complicated and Time taking. The quality of Silk and Unique Designs of Pochampally Ikkat Sarees made the Trust mark for Users.

Finally all the Credit comes for Fabric used in Pochampally Ikkat Sarees support this Technique to Apply in Both Sides…

Pochampally Ikkat Sarees are made in Bhoodan Pochampally, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Dist, Telangana State, India.

Special Categories of Pochampally ikkat sarees or ikkat designs

We ikkatdesigns.com sell 04 major pochampally ikkat sarees. They are Ikkat designer silk sarees, Ikkat designer lehengas, Ikkat designer silk dupattas and Uppada silk sarees.

Any kind of Pochampally ikkat designer wear will be comfortable and light in weight to be a marvelous outfit according age of a women. Many more pochampally ikkat designer products are going to integrate into Ikkat designs soon.



What are the Special Features of Ikkatdesigns.com?

Unique collection and best prices specially on all pochampally ikkat sarees. Dedicated user login panel for Adding your favorite product to wishlist, Selected product rate comparison and best seller reviews to provide easy selection. 100% customer satisfaction with Ikkat products and easy online payments like Credit, Debit cards and Special feature of Cash on delivery to facilitate the payments.

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